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PROJECTS (Selected)

Helping Chinese banks create digital bank subsidiaries

Four separate (still ongoing) projects with China's largest State Banks (with assets ranging from $3.3 - $4.6 trillion), helping each in response to digital disruption by fin techs and social media giants (e.g., Alibaba, Ant Financial, Tencent, WePay, etc.), including: Creating a digital bank architecture, design of mobile eco-system under-writing and risk management framework and development of strategic, "situation rooms" that enabled forward-looking, competitive and emerging risk analysis. Thus far resulted in advising the creation of the world's largest, wholly owned, financial technology subsidiary, consisting of 6000 senior data science executives.

Technology Risk Framework Development (Eastern Europe)

Gap analysis, framework development and benchmarking to CRD IV IT Risk guidelines of the internal, technology risk framework for the largest financial institution in Eastern & Central Europe ($490 billion assets).

Model Validation in Scandinavia

Trained several, credit analysis, data science teams for one of the largest banks in Scandinavia and Western Europe ($475 billion assets) in model validation and in communicating business implications to business counterparts on the bank's executive team and board.

Agency & Digital Bank Channel Development (India, Kenya)

Developed the predictive analytics platform and scorecard architecture to support multi-channel delivery of inclusive finance. Recruited and led data science team in the behavioral design products and underwriting scoring models to support a mobile device-based, lending platform and e-wallet (based upon biometric and social media data).

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