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Conquer Risk has worked with large banks, investment funds, corporate entities and central banks spanning 4 continents and nearly 60 countries. As former financial services executives, we have directly created successful and profitable, mobile-based payments and lending ecosystems--along with their risk management frameworks--that have resulted in notable products and emulators across the globe, such as Google Card, WePay, (WeChat's) WeLoan, AliPay and others. 

In particular, we help clients develop and execute technology strategies that generate returns on technological and innovation investments. We guide our clients, step-by-step, in addressing the dual challenges of digitalisation and digital disruption from smaller, financial technology firms (as well as the moving bar of technology) along with competition from industry competitor. Specifically, we help them select and implement the right tools that will generate superior returns on investment and not simply implement "cost-cutting technologies". See our client list. 

Maurice (Tony) Ewing
Founder and CEO

A Princeton PhD and protege of Nobel Laureates Ben Bernanke,  John Nash and Daniel Kahneman, Maurice ("Tony") began his career on Wall Street as a quant modelling systemic risk in derivative transactions before later teaching finance in the prestigious Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program in Hong Kong. Tony then founded Conquer Risk to address the gap in data science capacity within major banks and later spent nearly 2 years on assignment as the CRO and Board Risk Committee Secretary of the bank that invented "Mobile Money". There he led the development of the world's first digital banking, mobile-loan and agency product, ecosystem: training Google, MasterCard and Gates Foundation teams to replicate the process elsewhere. Tony's later and current work, both with mega-banks in China, VCs and startups throughout Silicon Valley and Eastern Europe led him to assemble the current Conquer Risk team, which helps clients address all the aspects of risk associated with disruptive innovation.

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